Theo builds with legos all day long.

As soon as he’s awake, he starts. He has a huge supply of Creator size legos and it is his passion.

For christmas last year I made sure that he got a huge set of wheels and axles…because none of the kits have enough wheels and vehicles are what Theo makes.

When Nic was very little, long before Theo came to be, we visited one of the giant lego stores…in Chicago.

But I couldn’t find one of those massive stores, with the 8 ft tall lego statues, in this area. But I did find a lego store in McLean VA…which is only about 20 minutes away at the most. So off we went.

I know, you can buy lego kits just about anywhere…but a store devoted to legos…that was something I wanted Theo to see.

Nic, of course, honed in on the Bionicles line right away…since he is the resident droid builder.

Theo went bananas. I think that multi-hued room really blew a few of his synapses. šŸ™‚

And the major reason why we went to a lego store was clear — The Wall.
The huge wall, something like 12 ft wide and 8 ft tall, of lego ala carte. So we got a cup (you can buy them by the cup) and started filling up on all the specialized little parts you can never have too many of…vents, axles, antennae, spinners….so many that I don’t even know how to describe. But Theo knew what he wanted. He choice some of these, some of those, passed on others. And it was great to see that this little baby of mine is such an intelligent, rational (sometimes!) little 5 yr old now.

So now Chris and Theo are sitting at the dining table together and building so many unique creations that weren’t possible before.

Lego building is such an awesome way to spend the day. And it is educational…even if Theo doesn’t realize it yet.

And Whinnie? She’s finally getting to the stage where Theo’s little, itty, bitty legos can be in the living room without it being a major catastrophe.

So, lego store, and then a trip to a library branch (one of the ones with an enormous children’s room) and back home for a long day of building.

Tomorrow we’ll probably hang out all day and marvel at the things that Theo can think up and implement with legos.

And drive nearby to pick up our first order of local milk and pastured eggs. We haven’t had those since leaving Indiana. And those are requirements for this being home.

getting there,