And Maine is under a hurricane watch!

Just when I start wondering if the rain will ever stop (it’s been raining nearly continuously since Thursday) I remember that at least we are not watching a hurricane headed our way.

The rain is making it look somewhat like a tropical rainforest outside our windows. The magnificent sycamore tree that we have been enjoying for the last few months is starting to lose it’s vibrant green coloring. The leaves have been moving more to a yellow-green, and the branches are over-laden with moisture.

I am hopeful that this abundance of rain will allow for a vibrant, colorful and beautiful fall foliage season.

Yesterday, as a relief from being inside too much, we took the attachlings to Port Discovery in Baltimore. While this facility cannot compete with the wonderful Children’s Museum in Indianapolis (what could!?) it is still a nice place to go for a few hours.

They opened a new exhibit yesterday based on the manufacturing videos in Mister Rogers Neighborhood. In three different places (one on 1st floor, two on the 3rd floor) there are a variety of hands-on activities for the children to enjoy.

Sensation Station is where Whinnie and I spend time together. It’s a birth – 4 yo area that is separated from the chaos of the rest of the building. When it’s empty or nearly empty it is a perfect place for us to explore together. Unfortunately it was its own type of chaos yesterday…being populated by too many adults who weren’t aware of what their toddlers were doing, even when said unattended-toddlers were hitting other children.

Whinnie is a very sensitive girl who cannot handle other children crying. Nor does she deal well with adults touching or talking to her. And aggressive children? forget it.

So she and I found our own corner and enjoyed our time together ignoring the chaos as best we could.

Maybe because of Whinnie…maybe other things…I have become much more protective of my private times these days. I crave being alone with my babies. I don’t want to interact with other families the way I once did. I really, really enjoy time alone.

Once we got home in the evening, we all got plenty of alone time. Each of the children bounded into their toys and seemed to be happy to be home again.

They all played, we listened to classical music (90.9 is WETA’s all classical music station…if you’re in the DC area…) and everyone seemed to vent off the overstimulation of the day.