This was a question posed on MotheringDotCommune and here is my response:

There’s almost nothing that I’m totally secure about.

But I try to remember that I don’t make decisions based on fear. And that this fear-based mentality came from our society and it’s preference for fear-based coercion — which keeps compulsory schooling the norm.

I try to remember that when I’m feeling insecure I am relying on a societal perspective that children can’t possibly be trusted to learn important stuff unless parents (and/or teachers) force them. And that pisses me off and reminds me of what I believe.

I remind myself that I didn’t teach any of my children to walk, talk or read…yet they got there (with the exception of the 21 mo old, she’s not reading…yet. )

I remind myself that loving and trusting myself and my children is the base from which good decisions come.

So though I may never be 100% secure in any educational decision I’ve made, I am absolutely secure that my children can overcome any of my flaws and be just who they were born to be…and it’s best that I get out of their way.

your crunchy homeschooling friend in Bethesda,