The boys are into lego building this morning. Our entire dining table is covered with the multi-colored chaos of creation.

A couple of weeks ago, I remember talking with Chris about encouraging Theo to do more activities that help develop better fine-motor skills — meaning control of is hands. And while the child is not interested in figuring out the best way to hold a pencil, crayon or pair of scissors…he absolutely knows how to manipulate legos. And some of them are incredibly small.

While I watch him build, and make sure that I am fully aware of his need to show me the results, I am impressed by far more than his fine-motor ability. I’m also impressed and intrigued by the thought processes. Like the day (before we left Indiana) we went to the library and he spent 10 minutes showing his creation to the librarian and regaling her with a description of its ‘concrete stabilizer bar.’ The look on the librarian’s face was priceless. 🙂

Theo builds mostly vehicles — with or without wheels — including cars and trucks and spaceships. Sometimes he makes entire complexes that he calls ‘the recycling center.’

Frequently he shows me what he knows about gravity, geometry and basic physics with his designs and the narrative that accompanies them.

So, the child reads, very well, is read to daily, counts reliably, is loving to his sister (mostly) even when she takes his toys, and can keep up with Nic in terms of both imagination and intelligence. What a wonderful list.

Later he may want to do things more like what Nic does. But for now, I watch him build…and find myself wishing I had had legos as a child — and the gift of as much time as I wanted to build with them.