Whingari is very resourceful. She likes to get things herself and do things herself. She’s soon to be 2…can you tell?

So I have our dining table near our large bookshelves and this gives her access to crayons, paper, and several manipulatives that she likes. It’s awesome to see her get up on these much-larger-than-she chairs and get out what she wants.

Today it was crayons. She loves to get out the big 64 box (she’s indifferent to the 8 chubby crayons I got just for her) and scribble. And she loves to have it all to herself.

So I got a sheet of paper and sat near her at the table. After a moment, she offered me a crayon. I thanked her and started drawing. Each time I finished with a color, I handed it back to her and she supplied me with another one. We did this for about 10 minutes before Nic noticed. He too came over to draw.

Of course, this being Nic, aka: the eldest child…he showed up and promptly took over — or tried to. I love that Whingari can totally speak for herself…like a howler monkey, maybe…but clearly.

Nic pulled his hand back as if he’d been bit and looked at me astonished that this sweet baby sister could have made such a noise. Ah well.

So I told him what the system was and we got back into the groove.

Five minutes later, Theo showed up. Theo is middle guy and he’s not always taking over…so he sat and watched for a moment…saw the process…and joined in.

If I had said, “come on guys, let’s color,” they would have been wildly underwhelmed. But if I just do something interesting, they gather.

It was a nice few minutes.

Now I need to go pick up 64 crayons, strewn about, and separate the boys who are wrestling again…

Oh well, at least it was peaceful for a while. 🙂