Saturday we went to a place along the Chesapeake called North Beach. It was fantastic. Sorta like I imagine the carolinas in low population density areas. There the water was clear and didn’t stink (unlike where we went to beach comb in the summer). The community was fantastic and they were having an ‘end of summer’ festival, which meant there was a band playing nearby and there were games for children.

Our children, of course, didn’t care a bit about these organized ‘games.’ They were in the surf, making sandcastles, collecting shells, giving us coronaries. 😉

There’s also a long pier that Whinnie and I explored when I needed to get her little naked legs away from the very cold water. She loves water these days, so it was a challenge to re-direct her.

After play time we drove down the street and found a wonderful restaurant right along the harbor. Obviously
Annapolis has a lot of harbor…and a lot of restaurants. The place we stopped at had boats tied up right outside the door.

Then we drove back home.

And this wasn’t even our destination. We had intended to go to Maryland’s Renn Festival ( but the line to get into the festival looked to be about 2 hours long. Um, no. We don’t have the patience to sit in traffic for that long. So we went off in search of North Beach. And we were all glad for this change of plans.

Sunday we explored. I went to a Natural Living Expo, Chris and the children found area parks.

Monday I tried to figure out what I did before internet connections. 😉

So today I endeavor to use my internet connection as a resource…one that I can turn off when I am done with it.

Which is about now.