We are trying to ‘take it easy’ and not be gone from the apt all weekend. So today we went to one of the nearby state parks. The boys love this park because of the ‘recycled tire playground’ complete with Nic’s favorite — a zip line.

Curiously while there Nic made friends with 3 boys and a girl — the boys being brothers and the girl one of their out-of-state friends. They all had so much fun, you would’ve thought that they had been friends forever.

As we were getting ready to leave, the boys’ father stopped me and asked if his children had behaved well. Apparently he overheard Nic and I talking about the rude behavior of some other boys (they were calling names, spitting, and just generally making a fun game of tag into something aggressive and unfun) and the father was concerned that maybe his sons had been rude. Once I realized who his children were, we talked for some time about what awesome boys they are and how much fun Nic had.

And then (completely contextually, I promise) I said: We homeschool, so we’re always happy to find playmates when we go to the park. And the father said: So do we.