Yesterday was such a busy day for us we were not home at all from breakfast to bedtime.

We had been scheduled to tour the West Wing of the White House. Although we didn’t get to do that, we did get to participate in the Garden Tour…which is held three times per year. Our White House staff friend, Zaina, met us at the gate which allowed us to bypass the very, very long line to get in.

It was awesome.

What is even more awesome is that we finally got a new digital camera yesterday…so I have new pix…80 of them. 🙂

I’ll get around to uploading those from the new camera to the computer asap and then post the best of them here.

As for the West Wing tour…we’ll do that some other day. For yesterday, a cool, clear day in Washington DC, it was absolutely awesome to be outside. We had the beauty of the architecture of the White House…and we could see the gardens, the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial.

Who knows what’s in store for today? Hopefully time to let the blisters on my feet heal. 🙂