Yesterday was a blustery day here. But, we needed to get out of the apartment for a while, so I got all attachlings bundled up for a park trip.

We had found the Mattie J.T. Stepanek Park on a different day, but hadn’t had a chance to explore it. So it was our destination.

Apparently over this past weekend a statue was placed and dedicated — Chris tells me that he read that Oprah was here for that and that would explain the huge crowd we saw at the park on Saturday when we tried to go there for some playtime.

All three of the children had a grand time, even if the breeze made it challenging. Whinnie especially loved the time. She astounds me everyday with what she can do and with her devotion to keeping up with the brothers.

After they’d played off alot of energy, we went over to the statue of Mattie in his wheelchair. The boys were very interested in all of it, the chair, the respirator tube, the life he lived, the disease that shortened his life. Whinnie was just interested in the dog portion of the statue.

It was a great outing. We had that perfect balance between monkey-wiggle time and something to think and talk about.

After the boys had gone back to the playground, with Whinnie still devoted to the dog, a flock of Canada Geese flew overhead. This is my favorite picture from an artistic standpoint (it’s the first one in the series below.) But they all are wonderful in terms of seeing children being children.

Have I mentioned that I’m delighted to have a working digital camera again?

Anyway, if I had been feeling sorry for myself (which I wasn’t at all) this would have been a cure for it. Mattie lived (it would seem to me) a very full life in not quite 14 years.

I watched my children play with new eyes though…thinking about Mattie’s mother and all she lived through and endured. She knew that Mattie had a death sentence because of his disease. But don’t we all know that about ourselves and our children?

It is the human condition. We will die. Sound negative? It isn’t in my heart. It is motivating. Knowing that my time is limited motivates me to do everything I can NOW to be fully alive in this life that has been gifted to me…