Chris and I spent much of this past weekend getting ready for winter. In our case, since we still hadn’t unpacked some (ok, lots) of the moving boxes, this meant getting more organized.
A quick trip to IKEA and we had some more useable storage areas for the clothes and other misc stuff. Chris then spent the evening on Sat assembling. Thank goodness he likes doing that (or at least doesn’t mind it) because it would have driven me batty.
Sunday I unpacked and organized. Though we did manage to get out of the apt for a while, go out for pizza, and stop at one of our favorite area parks. The following photos are from that park trip. This is Cabin John Park. It is my favorite. I love that there are trees everywhere. It seems that in Indiana almost all the playgrounds are in the middle of an open field…offering no shade or other relief to children playing in the hot, hot sun.
Enjoy! We did…