As we are still residents of Indiana, legally, Chris and I voted by absentee ballot this year and sent those off yesterday.

Feels great to have voted and been part of the process…and then to sit back and wait until next week to see what happens.

Obviously, there is no doubt about who got my vote for president. But, this is not a venue for talking politics.

Instead this is a place to talk about learning and living and not taking any of it too freakin’ seriously.

Yes, there are serious issues afoot. Yes, there are scary things happening to many, many families who have worked hard for years to do the right thing, pay their bills, pay their taxes — and now the actions of others who were in it for money, are negatively impacting them.

I have deep compassion for those in these awful situations.

But I make no decisions out of fear. I turn to that place within my spirit that is connected to all other living things. And I remember that there is no need to stress, for I am well, my family is well. I am deeply grateful.

To stress over things out of my control is to disrespect all that is good and loving in my life.

So, I go forth with compassion and a willingness to help…but never with fear.

I encourage all to vote, even if your views are opposite of my own. Be part of the process.

I love the saying: Decisions are made by those who show up.

Or utilize an absentee ballot. šŸ˜‰