As I mentioned before, Chris is off on a trip for work.

It’s been busy.

Yesterday Nic created his own division problems. He’s gotten really good, really fast at division. At first he looked terrified of long division (yes, there IS a short division) but once I showed him the steps, he realized that it was just ‘reverse multiplication.’

He did look slightly terrified when I told him to write his own division problems. But he did it and today then, he ‘solved’ each of them. I haven’t looked to see if he did so accurately…and I probably won’t. I don’t care if they were correctly solved…I just wanted him to complete the cycle.

Today we cooked. I got a book at the library called Loaves of Fun. It’s a book about the history of bread…which is a history of people, of course, since all cultures have bread of some sort. I found the book via Rebecca Rupp’s awesome Homeschool compedium.

Nic read the recipe for Drop Biscuits and did almost all the work. We made them with white whole wheat flour…which gave the biscuits a pumpkin-y color. Then we made a grand snack of putting butter and jelly on them. Yum!

The book has sooo many more recipes. Maybe we’ll try another one tomorrow — ingredients allowing.

This afternoon I think we’ll make finger puppets out of construction paper. We’ll see. That one depends on cooperation from Miss Whingari — aka…the paper snatcher!

Chris has the new camera. Once he’s back I’ll post new pix again. Until then: