We’ve been doing many things, both educational and fun, just not having the time or inclination to get online much to blog about it. 🙂

I try to have a book on hand that I read to Nic from each day. This works so much better than me trying to make time to read to him at bedtime…when the chaos is at its peak.

We just finished “The Island of the Blue Dolphins” which is a work of historical fiction by Scott O’Dell. It was just the right thing. We’ve been studying pre-industrial societies(I will not say ‘primitive’ because that is less a description and more a judgement) in various ways, and this fit in nicely.

I highly recommend it…though with the caveat of making sure that a child is ready for a book where a 12 year old girl is alone on an island and has to do everything to survive (previous to her being alone, she witnesses the slaughter of many of her tribe, including her father, and has to bury her younger brother after he is killed by wild dogs…neither of these are depicted in grisly detail, though.)

Now we are reading The Little House in the Big Woods, which fits in with learning more about pre-industrial America and the westward expansion.

Theo is Theo. He’s incredibly intelligent and articulate. He’s is marveling at his own ability to ‘do math’ which means the math of everyday life. He loves to go onto PBS Kids and play math games at the CyberChase website. He doesn’t know how to do everything that he wants to there yet, but it leads him to asking questions to fill in the gaps.

Whingari, without anybody suggesting that she do it, has started telling us the names of letters. She knows B and O and the other day I think she identified K and J. She is so much like Theo some times. She is now exactly one month away from her 2nd birthday. 🙂

Well, I must log off and see what today holds.

blessings all,

Mama Mary