I really enjoy looking at political ‘cartoons.’ They can be very wry, witty, or, yes, biting. But they tell a story and they tell a history.

During my time as a history major in college, I used contemporary political cartoons to better understand the times I was studying.

Now, I look to see what’s going on in my time.

This one, which didn’t feel overly politicized (and therefore appropriate for my little family-blog) and said something that I feel is quite pertinent.

Now at 9, Nic is aware that things are going on…that there was an election…that Senator Obama is now President-Elect Obama…but he’s not oriented to any of it yet.

One day he might look back and realize that what he was only peripherally aware of was a turning point in American politics.

I look forward to the time, probably by the next presidential election, when I can have lively discussions and maybe even debates with my children. Each of the, even little Whinnie, are fully possessed of their own opinions and ability to express themselves. So they may clearly disagree with their parents about many things.

We’ll see. And goodness hopes that our next presidential election cycle doesn’t start for a while….