All of these are from A Woman’s Worth by Marianne Williamson.

“The world is meant to be a safe and nurturing environment for children. The fact that it isn’t is a sacred call to action for every conscious woman. in this way, we heal our children…”

“A key to mothering is to visualize our children as the adults we would love them to become: strong, happy, serious, loving. Now imagine what kind of mother they must have had to grow up into such fabulous grown-ups. And whatever that is, becoing it is the task that lies before us.”

“Shame on us for doing so little.”

“We will do nothing, support nothing, conspire with nothing, that could possibly harm anyone.”

“We just get tired, or we get reborn, when we have suffered so much that we have started to die.”

These are the things that inspire me….these thoughts.

This week, we begin talking about the explorers and the indigenous peoples of the Americas whose ways of life were so changed by the arrival of waves of Europeans.

And we make christmas presents and talk about thanksgiving…and make a thankful tree.