I’ve been journaling most days and I try to include, in each entry, a couple of things for which I am grateful. To me, this is what thanksgiving is about….not about pilgrims or religion.

Nic and I read The Discovery of the Americas by Maestro this week. It was a good, quick overview to European exploration. Now we’re reading Around the World in 100 Years by Jean Fritz.
Jean Fritz appears to be a hugely prolific writer in the genre of history for children. I’ve really enjoyed this book. She doesn’t shy away from the reality of what these early explorers did, in the name of religion, fame and/or gold, but it isn’t gory either.
Nic’s already formed some ideas about the men that the mainstream history books says we should admire. Columbus, it seems to him, was a very confused, very stubborn man who got most everything pretty wrong.
I’m looking forward to reading Shhhh! We’re Writing the Constitution (also by Fritz) with him soon.