Finally, I have bunches of pix to post, related to what we’ve been doing the last week or so.

Two of these pix are from our recent visit to a local used bookstore. Ah, heaven!

In addition to these activities, Nic and I have been reading our way through Around the World in 100 years by Jean Fritz. We have only one chapter left to read. Nic is interesting in his observations. He’s wondered, aloud, how these ‘squirrely explorers ever found anything.’ And then he remembered that almost none of them found what they thought they were seeking. It’s started some interesting conversations about the value of accidental discoveries.

We’ve had a few discussions about violence as well. Many of the explorers (though, surprisingly, not all) were quite prone to immediate (sometimes preventative, they thought) violence. They were also none-to-slow to take over and exploit native populations.

We are set to start reading a book about ancient African Kingdoms and populations next.

As part of this, Nic has started his only History Timeline Book. It’s a spiral bound notebook which he’s dividing up into timeframes and then adding details as we encounter them. Although I suggested it, he’s taken it and run in his own direction. Some of it means that he’s not making the book I envisioned. And that’s great. It is really his.

Having conquered long division and basic rounding, Nic also attacked basic algebraic equations with great enthusiasm. Yesterday we started dealing with adding and subtracting with negative numbers.

Theo continues to build, build, build and read, read, read. As I listen to his constant imagination weaving, I hear words that indicate that he’s figuring out math in his head.

Whinnie is her beautiful best. And she’ll be 2 next week.