Yesterday the mail carrier delivered an awesome book to my home.
I have been lusting after this book since before it was published. Many, many of us are avid fans of Amanda Soule aka Soulemama:

If you go there now, you’ll see pix of her most recent project…baby Harper. Gorgeous.

Anyway, last week papa Chris said that he’d like to order a book for work. I am big on the ‘free shipping’ option on Amazon. If I had bought just Chris’ book I would have paid almost $5 for the shipping. But, BUT, if I added this awesome book, I’d get free shipping and pay only a few dollars more than the first book alone. Bonus!

So, yesterday, the book came and I sat down and looked through it cover-to-cover. And I cried. Seriously, tears welled up and I had a big lump in my throat.

Why? Because I want to be more like Amanda…I want to be more creative….I want to cultivate and support creativity in my children. But I feel most of the time I am not up to the task.

I keep thinking and planning and dreaming about moving to a place in the country (with mountain views!) this coming summer. I hope we can have several acres, some chickens and a goat or two.

I want a home where we can have art and creativity supplies at the ready. I want to go on a nature walk with the children…without having to get in the van first.

And I had a realization: I can’t be Amanda…that job is already taken. So I need to endeavor to be the best Mama Mary I can be.

So congratulations to Amanda and her family on the addition of wee Harper. And congratulations on the beautiful book that I will use to further inspire me.

And I look forward to your next book…which I just read about on your blog.