As I type, all my attachlings are still snuggled in their warm beds. One of the many things to love about homeschooling is respecting the natural body-rhythms of children. There simply is no need to get them out of their warm beds to hussle off to a freezing wait for a school bus. But even more delightful, as long as the parent’s eyes can stay open, there is also no reason to cut off a great book or a great conversation to get to bed ‘on time.’ Heaven.

So, a new week awaits. A week I hope will be filled with creativity and exploration. A week expected to be lived mostly indoors, due to cold weather. (It’s 22 degrees out there as I type…but with no snow to make one want to brave the weather and play anyway.)

And at the end of this week we have a birthday to celebrate. Obviously Whingari is too young to remember birthdays or even christmas, but we’ll celebrate her arrival in our family gleefully nonetheless.

For me? I’m playing with a new ‘toy.’ I have looked at Homeschool Tracker a few times, even downloaded a couple of years ago, but never really used it. Now, as I am trying to organize and document all the books that we are checking out from the library and reading from our own home library, and keeping track of all the ‘field trips’…well, you get the picture.

I am loving Homeschool Tracker. The basic edition is a free download here: The Plus edition, which costs $49, is accessible via link there too.

I have downloaded and am beginning to use the basic edition. I write about it here to give kudos to the company that chose to make this software free as a service to homeschooling families.

If you are looking for something to help you keep everything together in one place, whether for yourself or for documentation, this is worth taking a look at.