I’ve spent a few hours over the last week getting this new blog just like I want it. Learning the ‘ropes’ of a new host can take a little time, even if it is pretty intuitive.

This morning I was digging through blog posts from last December.

And it was a gift.

So, what good is a blog? Context. Perspective. Confidence.

As I read back through blog entries from the last few years, I am impressed that while I keep coming back to the same themes within my own self-questioning, I also keep coming back to the same conclusions. No matter how flawed I am (and I am!) and no matter how strange, unpredictable, or, well, just plain squirrely life can get…these ‘attachlings’ are doing fine.

I guess the good of this blog is to remember that while I can and should and do take the attachlings’ needs seriously, I can take all else with a side of humor.

They show me, daily, that they are going to be just fine no matter how flawed my attempts are.

Nic’s turned in to a great reader…despite my fretting…and he just soars at math.

Theo’s turning into a budding-mathematician…and just soars at reading.

Whinnie is keeping up with both of them, using signs (she loves baby-signing) and more words everyday, even telling us the names of a few of the letters. Oh, and she indicates quantity frequently, assumably wanting us to count something with her.

So, I re-read John Holt to constantly remind myself that I’m not JUST stumbling along and hoping that they will be ok (ok, some days that’s exactly what I do). I am also believing…in them and myself.

So, welcome to my blog. I know what good it does for me. Why do you visit? Leave a comment. I’m feeling kinda lonely at this new blog all by myself. 😉