But I kid you not…it JUST clicked for me this morning.

I am bored unless I am creating something.

For me it could be creating a good meal, or a clean(er) kitchen, or a reading space, or a better flow to the furniture in the living room, or more organization on the bookshelf, or this blog, or well-written words, or a moment with one of the children, or…well, you get the idea…the list is endless.

The core of it all is creativity — creating. I created a page called ‘create’ where I can remember to park things, projects, ideas, observations, because creating IS living.

And then (here’s where it really gets ‘duh’) I realized that if I am bored unless creating, um, well, duh, maybe the children feel the same way.

I’ve been wanting to get the bookshelf section near the table organized. I’ve been intending to make it more approachable. I’ve been meaning to get things arranged so that the boys can get the basic (mostly non-messy) creativity supplies down without asking for help. So I worked on that while Whinnie and Theo colored.

Now (and I’d post a picture but I broke the new camera — different post about that some other day) there is a shelf with a container that is small enough for Theo to bring down. Within this box are 3 small coffee cans each with supplies. One has crayons, another pencils (of varying sizes) and a third has kid-scissors and a hole punch. Also in the box are a pencil sharpener and tape.


So the boys can get all of this down (as well as loads of different sizes and colors of paper) whenever they wish (and Whinnie can’t.)

On a lower shelf Whinnie now has access to her own coffee can of toddler-friendly crayons and a case of stickers.

So now they can create when the mood strikes. And I created to even put it together.

And an ‘a-ha’ moment.

Sounds like an awesome, yet calm, morning. bliss.