The attachlings really, really responded to the intention put into their crafting area yesterday.

After Whinnie’s nap she and I sat at the table with our supplies and got to it. Crayons, scissors, pencils, tape, piles of paper…

I don’t know about other children, but mine seem to be genetically-programmed to insist on their own path. So in the case of creating together, I don’t say, ‘ok guys, craft time,’ because that would be greated with resistance.

Around here, an ‘if you build it, they will come’ philosophy holds true. Only I suppose it is better stated as: ‘if you make the materials available, they will show up…eventually.’

At first it was just Whinnie and I, as the boys were playing on the internet. But about 10 minutes into it, Theo realized that we were doing something and he came over to investigate…and was hooked. 🙂

We colored, we cut, we made simple ‘log houses’ out of brown construction paper. Nic finally realized that there was creativity-afoot and joined us. He made a birdhouse out of brown construction paper.

Then I got the cookie cutters out. I traced around the gingerbread man and cut one out. Then I cut a dozen of them out. They are now all decorated and hanging on the tree with a bit of red yarn. It is amazing how much more festive our puny little tree looks with these homemade treasures on it.

When papa Chris arrived home from work, there were scraps of paper all over the floor and three attachlings deeply devoted to the process before them.

We stopped, briefly, for dinner, and then got back to it. I cut a dozen gingerbread men out of pine green construction paper and then strung them with the red yarn and hung them over the door.

When I tucked him in bed last night, Nic said that he didn’t want the day to end because he wanted to keep creating. I told him to get some sleep and he could ‘go at it’ again this morning.

Nic bounded out of bed and ran directly to the construction table and has already created a wreath and a christmas tree. I love it when he is eager and creating.

Whinnie and Theo just got up and are at the table next to me creating once again…and they’ve only been up for 10 minutes.


So the christmas music is playing in the background and they are well-engaged. What are they making? It doesn’t matter at all…it’s the process that thrills me.

blessings all,