Oy! Life with a 2 year old!

Ok, to be completely clear: Life with a 2 year old and older children as well.

Life when I had only a 2 year old was pretty easy. I was a stay-at-home-mama with a small apt to maintain. The aforementioned 2 year old ate just about anything, so no special concern to get him to eat.

I could do things with Nic and when he was bored of it, move on, or set it aside until later.

But a 2 year old who is devoted to getting into the middle of everything that her older brothers are doing, well, that’s a different situation entirely.

I read good ideas about how to occupy a toddler while you do things (projects, read books, ‘school’ work) with older children. They seem doable, they seem reasonable. Nobody told Whinnie.

Whingari Joy insists on being in the middle of everything that her big brothers are doing — and I do mean that literally at times, as she has been known to sit in the middle of the project table to make sure that nothing happens without her.

So many times in the last few days I have been really enjoying the boys’ eagerness for a new project, only to be stressed and grumpy at Whinnie’s interference. Yes, she has her own supplies within reach. Yes, she is working with us…at whatever level is appropriate for her. Yes, she is frequently in my lap grabbing while I am working with Nic and/or Theo. Yes, I am beginning to get loopy.

Whinnie is such a different 2 year old from what her  brothers were. She’s, um, more determined. I like that she will not be dismissed…and yet, I really wish I could distract her more.

Oh, and hole punchers? Do you know how fun those are? We’ve been making confetti…though in the pursuit of other things. We’ve folded paper accordian style and then punched it and used staples and tape to create snowflakes.

And scrapbooking scissors. Those are fun.

Now I only have to figure out how to balance the needs of an active 2 year old with those of her equally active brothers…

Like I said, Oy!