I was replying to a comment a bit ago and the lightbulb went off…of course! (why is it that the ‘lightbulb moment’ frequently makes us feel stupid for not thinking of something sooner…instead of being grateful that we thought of it at all?…um, that’s a different post for another day…)

I’ve been trying to think through what might be bothering my Whinnie-bug. She’s been really, really, really, um intense this week.

Yes, I knew that early in the week she had a runny nose and sneezing…which was managed and rebalanced via homeopathics. So, I knew that she would probably be a little ‘off.’

But what I didn’t account for are the changes to the family routine that have been happening in her universe this week. What changes?

  • Christmas decorations
  • Rearranged furniture to make way for decorations and activities
  • Change to daily schedule to integrate more creativity time
  • Changes to meal schedule, necessitated by a bum refridgerator

And then there’s ME. Whinnie and I are deeply, deeply connected at an emotional level. Yes, she’s my youngest attachling and only current nursling. But beyond that she is the most attached to me. Seriously…you do NOT get in the way of a Whinnie in search of her mama. Ever seen The Incredibles? Do you know the scene near the end when Jack Jack is wigging out on Syndrome as he’s being taken away from his family? Um, that’s Whinnie…even the boys mentioned it the last time they saw that scene.

So Whinnie and I are connected on an emotional/spiritual/psychic level unlike any other connection I have in this world. And I have been working on big changes within myself.

Why did it not occur to me that Whinnie would feel these things and not know what to do with it?

The good thing is, I am at the ‘recovery end’ of these changes, so things should start calming down…for both of us.

So, yeah, 2 year olds will be 2 year olds. But sometimes their journey is made more confusing by the people, things, events around them.

I’m hopeful that as she grows, matures, changes, Whinnie and I will always feel and be enriched by this connection. Let’s just hope her entrance into puberty does not intersect with my journey into menopause. {giggle}

holiday blessings,