First of all, books. I love books. I love librarys. Really, the concepts of the two of them…books, thousands of books, free for borrowing at the library. Sure, our taxes support the libraries, which is necessary, because they do not get the books free. But still, walk into a library and walk out with treasures.

So, what we’re reading right now:





I borrowed the first three of those books, and quite a few more, when I stopped by the library yesterday…alone. I can’t remember I went to a library all by myself. Bliss.

I was out running errands, including last minute christmas shopping. Christmas shopping is a perfect reason to be reading the last one: Affluenza.

It puts shopping in a completely different light to think of this ‘gotta have it’ mentality as a sickness. As I walked around a certain big-box store, I saw many people (of all ages, races, ethnicities, genders) who were feverish and obviously carriers of this infection. (If you’re wondering why I’d go to a big-box store in the first place…we were given a gift card…)

I am not trying to be judgmental. I am not ‘above it all.’ I have made many, many changes to my life and thinking in the last 10 years…but I have certainly been both a victim and a carrier of Affluenza.

I am thankful that as I walked around it was clear to me that a big part of the sickness is shopping to fill an emptiness. I am not empty. I am spiritually rich.

So I steered away from the (disheveled) toy department and headed for where my true prize awaited…arts and crafts supplies. This was the equivalent of chicken soup in the land of Affluenza. No one was there. No one had been there, it would appear, because the shelves were neat and well-stocked. Awesome!

I found almost everything on my list so that all the attachlings (and their creative parents) would have many supplies and tools for daily creativity.

And don’t tell them, but the only item I’ve purchased that requires batteries is a durable, kid-friendly, waterproof digital camera. Since I broke the last one by a very gentle bump on the carpet, I thought maybe I should get one that is much more durable this time.

So I will soon be able to post pix again…and encourage the attachlings to use thier creativity in even newer ways…with the pictures they take themselves.

Today? Well I got a new package of construction paper (we were out) and four packages of refill transparent tape (we were nearly out) so the creativity can continue.

Happy Holidays all,