No time at all for reading yesterday. I was busy chasing Whinnie around the apt…not kidding…to deal with her 2 year old drive to dishevel. 🙂

I finally got around to reorganizing the bookshelves. We have these massive bookcases in our living room. They were given to us by a friend (Hi Danielle!) and were once part of a school or library. They are sturdy and large and they are the most prominent element in our living room.

We long ago painted them white and put the two large cases side-by-side to make a giant bookcase wall. They completely cover our largest living room wall in the apt and hold ‘everything.’

Art supplies, library books, DVDs, stuffed animals, boxes full of toddler-books, toys, homeschooling books, supplies and literature, CDs, the ipod player, a clock, shells we collected at the Chesapeake….everything.

And it gets messy. Of late it has started to look like someone has been standing on the other side of the room and thrown books into the shelves. Ah well, at least I know that the books get used. They are great for reference (I work on building a reference library for the attachlings) and great for just finding a good read, for an afternoon or a few minutes.

I’m also making a paper doll set for Whinnie. 🙂
It occurred to me a couple of days ago that I remember playing with paper doll sets when I was little. They’d come as those skinny little workbook size booklets. The dolls and their clothes were perforated, so that you just popped them out. I haven’t seen anything like that in the stores lately. I have seen magnetic versions, but, um, the clothes were, too sexy. Seriously. It’s disturbing to see a magnetic doll set where the doll, representing a distinctly tween-age child, has sexy clothes to try on. Um, no.

So I drew a ‘doll’ on some cardboard that was in the recycling box. Then I drew templates for a shirt, slacks and a dress from the cardboard as well. Now I’m using those templates to trace and then cut out ‘clothes’ from various papers, mostly colored construction paper and old catalogs. Tis tricky figuring out just how big the tabs need to be. And I know it won’t last for very long. But that’s ok. I’m making it for her and it’s a lovely process.

Today? Right now I’m waiting for muffins to finish baking. Banana/Butternut Squash wheat muffins…with butter and just a touch of cinnamon…yum! Although the attachlings will enjoy some today…it’s really for tomorrow morning. I know that getting them to eat breakfast just won’t happen. But I can entice them to pop a muffin in their mouth while playing.

This afternoon/evening is our traditional time for christmas cut-out cookies. We’ve done this on christmas eve for several years now and find that it helps with the anticipation wigglies. The trick is to not let them have too many before bed…or it will be really, really difficult to settle down.

And the cookies are for the grown-ups to survive christmas morning. 😉 Seriously, a couple fresh sugar cookies and strong coffee…that’s how we do christmas morning. 🙂

And then there’s my common lament of the last 2 weeks: My kingdom (or is that queendom) for a good night’s sleep. Miss Whingari hasn’t allowed me a really good night of sleep for so long. All her physical needs are met, btw. Which has me believing that we are on the cusp of a developmental spurt. Either she’ll start really, really talking up a storm soon…or she’ll be doing advanced calculus. Either is fine with me. I just want sleep!

Hopefully I’ll be back on Friday with christmas pix — if the camera that I got works well.

Until then, happy holidays all!

mama mary