This morning is quiet as Whinnie and Theo explore together.

Whinnie’s favorite christmas present? A dozen wood eggs from here: 

Seriously, she hasn’t stopped playing with these for long. I gave Chris a real egg carton to place them in before wrapping, which she continues to use for taking them out, arranging them, putting them in a basket, putting them back in, putting the carton away in her play kitchen…endlessly. Who know that his was the gift that would capture her play-attention.

Theo is playing next to her at their new treehouse playset. It’s as tall as Theo is, like 3 1/2 feet tall, and mostly wood and cloth. It has 4 different play platforms and a cave-like area underneath. The cave has become the place where Whinnie and Theo gather the animals for the night. The platforms are where the various people meet up for interaction of all kinds.

When Whinnie is not playing with the wood eggs…this is where she is…next to Theo, working with Theo to put everyone in their ‘right place’ in the treehouse.

They have much to work with…all the cloth, plastic and wood people and animals that have collected from various playsets over the last 9 years. Frequently the larger pieces from such playsets have long been donated to a thrift store…as they were not played-with and took up large chunks of space. But we’ve always kept the characters. Now they, collectively, have a home.

Among the wildly colored, plastic characters are the very simple, mostly featureless, wooden ‘people turnings’ I got them, also from Casey’s. (You can see them here:

Theo loved it when I used some new, fine point markers to draw a simple face on one of the wood people. He christened that one ‘Nic’ and started weaving stories about Nic in the treehouse immediately. Then I made one he named ‘Theo.’ Wooden Nic and wooden Theo had many adventures yesterday…most of them ending in the two needing to take a nap in the double decker hammock.

As he was going to sleep last night, I asked Theo what he was looking forward to doing today. He didn’t hesitate at all to specify that he wanted to make more ‘wood people’ — and that is exactly what he asked for the moment he came down the stairs a few minutes ago.

Nic? He spent almost his entire day yesterday putting together the robotic arm kit that he received. Good brain food for my future robotic engineer. Today he is at work with Papa Chris. Chris needed help and felt that Nic needed more responsibility…since he exhibited much attitude yesterday. 🙂 Regardless of the intent, I think it will do both of them good to spend a bit more time together.

And for the morning, at least, I have two children. After they tire of freeplay time, I’ll get out the watercolor paints and see if Whinnie wants to decorate some of her eggs.

It is a joy to see each of them developing and growing and loving one another.

And now on to the new year!



Theo @ 'work' with his new coloring pencils


Whinnie with new watercolor paints

soul-filled eyes, Theo

soul-filled eyes, Theo (a self-portrait, btw)