We were on the road so much today.

First there was a quick trip to the library…3 books on hold were in! Don’t you just love the concept of putting a book on hold and then just going to get it. Awesome!

After that we drove into Virginia. First lunch; then the lego store.

Each of the boys received a certificate that they could redeem for a new kit at the lego store, and, frankly, I’m surprised we didn’t get pestered about doing it the day after christmas.

Seriously, these boys LOVE building.

After that, a trip to the park. It was over 50 degrees out today. And sunny. Beautiful. We went to Mattie Stepanek park, which I’ve blogged about before. Theo and Whinnie ran and played just had a great time. Nic? He stayed in the van so as to start working with his new legos.

Finally we drove up to the Frederick/Middletown area. We’re really interested in that area as a possible place to ‘land’ next summer when our lease is up.

It’s quite beautiful there, away from the crush of the city. There are mountain views and land to be had…if for a price.

Now we’re home. And tired.

What do tired people need when they come home after a long, adventurous day? A care package with homemade goodies from goddess-mama-friend-beautiful-lady Pam. Thanks Pam. 🙂