I don’t ‘do’ new year’s resolutions (assuming that any change worth making is worth making any day). And I won’t inflict any kind of countdown on the casual reader of this blog. 😉

But there are themes that I want to take with me into a new year. That’s the value of a new year, I think, the natural desire to look back, look forward, evaluate and plan.

So here are some ‘gems’ that I will take with me:

Yarns of the Heart
A blog by a homeschooling mama with college and teenage children.

Declutter Calendar
Download your free declutter calendar now and be ready for the new year!

Attachment Parenting (API) blog
A voice for gentle parents everywhere

Little Blog in the Big Woods
30 years living “ultra” green- still going. How to. How not to. Why. Why not.

Spool Sewing
For long-time sewers, for curious newbies, Spool is a place for everyone who enjoys sewing. Free patterns, a blog, shopping…. 🙂

And lastly a DVD from the library: The Art of Knitting 4 Kids.
I have been trying (with minimal success) to teach myself to knit since June. Pathetic, I know. But at least I haven’t given up. A major problem is that I am trying to learn from books…with 2D imagery. Finding this DVD will provide me, I hope, with the visual I need. Why is this important? I want to include many ‘home arts’ and creativity options to my children. Knitting is educational…fine motor skills, counting, reading a pattern. And it’s good for them to see me struggle to learn something new AND not give up.

I am determined to learn to knit and to make some presents for next christmas in this way.

So, happy new year’s everyone. I’m off to more knitting practice. 🙂