As I was surfing in the last few days I read about this idea. I’m sorry that I didn’t make note of where…but at the time it didn’t ‘click’ with me. Last night as I was getting baby diva back to sleep, I remembered it and decided to do it today as my last attachlings post of 2008.

The idea is to go back through the year and grab the first sentence of the first post from each month. I read another one where you grab specific photos you might have and explain them. Either way, the randomness appeals to me.

So, here’s the first sentence of the first post of each month. Enjoy! (Said with no idea whatsoever about what I’ll find. 😉

January:  I’m not one to make new year’s resolutions.
February: Leap month. I’ve been thinking about praise and criticism lately.
March: Ok, so it’s not really spring.
April: I have finally reached a point in my mama-life where I am too busy.
May: Life has been busy.
June: We picked up The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe at the library yesterday.
July: Our family will soon be off on our adventure.
August: We were on our way to DC — having left Indiana on the 3rd of July.
September: …where you can be completely yourself…
October: I posted the poem called: No Way. The Hundred is There.
November: Chris will be off to Reno tomorrow and we’ll be doing the home alone without him gig.
December: Finally, I have bunches of pix to post, related to what we’ve been doing the last week or so.

So there it is…my blogging year summed up in a few entries. I’ve linked to each post, just in case you want to know what the heck that opening is about.

It was a big year for our family. We read the entire Chronicles of Narnia, I ran an organic produce co-op, Chris took a new job…um, what else? 😉 Of course! We picked up and moved more than 600 miles away…taking our attachlings from the midwest to the nation’s capital in a 2 day drive. 🙂

What a year!

I wonder what the first sentence of the first post of 2009 will be? Stay tuned tomorrow to find out…I’m just as curious as you are. 🙂

peace and blessings for a new year,