I’ve been thinking alot about this idea of the process and the product.

As I read favorite blogs, I am struck by how calm homes are that are filled with handmade crafts. Obviously I respond to those things and they appeal to me.

But do I enjoy the process of making things myself? Or do I just wish I were one of those mamas who is so very talented?

I’m unsure of the answer right now…just thinking.

What I do know is that I crave more calm. I crave peacefulness. For whatever reasons (and they are surely many) my household is rarely calm or peaceful.

It seems everyday I am putting out relational-fires and trying to get the boys to quiet down and treat each other more gently.

There is too much anger and hostility and negativity and yelling.

Really, there is. There’s just no microphone to catch it all and then broadcast it with my blog entries.

But decorating the apartment with lovely, handmade crafts will not fix what is off-balance within its walls.

I’m just wondering whether the process of making more things with my hands will fix what is off-balance within me…