Today we drove over to Harper’s Ferry to look at properties there.

Yes, we just moved to Bethesda. And, yes, we can’t wait to move again.

Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia are absolutely beautiful. Everywhere you look there are trees and lush hills and vegetation and, well, a sense of appreciation for the natural world.

But here in Bethesda, right at the ‘beltway’ we mostly see/hear/experience the urban type of jungle. Lots of concrete. Lots of cars. And the regular passage of the metro.

So, even though it will be months before we can move, we are starting the process of figuring out where we want to be.

There is much to be appreciated about being very close to Chris’ office. In good weather he can walk to/from work. But, home prices (and property taxes) near to his office are unbelievably high. And for NO outside space.

So we are looking outside the immediate area. So far we’ve investigated the Frederick, MD area as well. But even with more affordable home prices there, the property taxes are still nutty-high.

West Virginia has been the focus of our digging of the last few weeks. Nearly as close as Frederick, much more sane property tax rates, and the views, OMGoodness, so amazing. Here’s a couple of pix:


We didn’t take those pix, I just found them online. If I had taken pix, they wouldn’t have been a verdent green…everything is grey and brown, of course.

But even on an overcast day, the view was amazing.

If you aren’t familiar, Harper’s Ferry has historical significance and you can learn about it with a simple google search. It’s also the place where the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers come together.

Where will we go? Dunno. We’re open to where we are led.