tolle1I’ve just started (for the second time, btw) Eckhart Tolle’s book, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose.

I had just gotten the book from our library in Indiana when, suddenly, I didn’t have time to read…because we made the decision to move.

This time around my desire to read it came from some of the spiritual-unease I’ve been feeling. And I have a firm belief that we are led to that which our spirit needs for growth and/or enlightenment.

Once I had the book, I found myself looking that the table of contents and been drawn to a chapter deep in the book entitled: Finding Who You Truly Are.

From this chapter, among other ideas, I have extracted the verbiage of looking at my day, my moment and considering whether or not I am viewing this moment as: a means (to an end), an obstacle, or an enemy. For if I am viewing this moment as anything other than what it is…the only moment I HAVE…then I am not living in the moment.

So what is this all about? Learning to BE more and think less. A daily, meditative, intentional path to a greater sense of living. A daily meditative, intentional path to quieting my mind, with all it’s fears, neuroses, needs.

This is about breaking free of the good vs. bad dichotomy.

This is about seeking, with great passion, JOY.