It wouldn’t be right or accurate to title this post ‘a call to arms,’ as I’m not asking anyone to take up ‘arms’ nor do I have any myself.

But what we can do, and what I’m trying to do, is to use my little fingers (which are very, very fast typists) to talk about this issue in every venue I can.

The CPSIA legislation, due to take effect in a few short weeks, is what I’m talking about, of course.

There is a vast awareness of this issue, but only in specific areas, groups and industries.

So, if you are part of a group and there is not already a discussion of this going on, start one.

I am still focused on the idea of getting this particular version of this legislation ‘shelved’ due to its very inherent flaws. And this will only happen if there is enough discussion, outrage and dissention.

This legislation stinks and needs to be stopped.

If its not stopped, if it goes through as written, then I’m ready for the civil disobedience as I’ve mentioned.

My concern is that all the civil disobedience I can muster will not save many small businesses from worry and disaster.

These small business owners (thrift stores, used bookstores, small-batch toy manufacturers and sellers) and artisans did not cause this problem. The import of cheap and untested toys from China caused the problem. Therefore the solution should be directed at those that caused the problem.

Victimizing the small business owners and artisans, who have always made conscientious choices, will only eliminate the competition for the cheap and sometimes dangerous, imports.

Keeping up the fight,

PS – Here’s a link at where you can vote on this issue:
As of just now, this issue was 4th among the top ten issues. From what I understand the top 10 will be given to soon-to-be President Obama. Please Vote!