‘Tis a small square, only 21 stitches by 18 rows.

It isn’t perfect. It isen’t even large enough to be a pot holder, more the size of a coaster for one’s coffee cup.

But I made it. Woohoo!

I have struggled to unlock the ‘secret’ to knitting. Because there HAD to be a secret that I just wasn’t getting.

But yesterday, during Whinnie’s nap, I decided to try again.

Nic’s been curious over the past several months as I’ve been trying to figure out knitting, why do I keep trying? He’s watched me cast on a row, try a few rows of knit stitch, and then unravel the whole thing in disappointment. He kept asking why I kept trying. And, I think, he marveled at the very idea that a parent didn’t already know everything they needed to know (if only!)

Each time the boys asked why I kept trying, I would tell them about my experience learning to type. Back when I was a sophomore in high school I took a typing class. It wasn’t the class I selected, which was chemistry, but it is where the school placed me (yeah, little bit of gender stereotyping there…) During the first half of the semester I struggled. I just couldn’t seem to get my fingers to do what they were supposed to do. We were learning on old manual typewriters (yes, I am that old) and it was tough.

But one day, it was as if my fingers suddenly remembered where the keys were and they started to fly. I went from the slowest typist in the class, to one of the fastest.

I told the boys that I believed that if I practiced enough without giving up, eventually my fingers would ‘get it’ and I’d be able to knit, even if not beautifully.

Yesterday the fingers ‘got it’ and I made something.

I gave that first square to Whinnie as a blanket for her little friends. Of course first I had to go online and figure out how to cast off. Since I’d not gotten anywhere with knitting, I hadn’t bothered to learn the cast off procedure. 😉

As soon as he saw it, Theo asked if I’d make him a blanket for his toys too. Of course I said yes.

Nic asked if I’d make him something too, a sweater…for him. After laughing I explained to him that I was far, far away from the ability to knit a sweater…but that when I got to that point, he’d be the first person I’d knit one for.

During Whinnie’s bathtime last night I tried purling, which had totally elluded me before. Then I alternated purl and knit lines. Theo is excited that his blanket is ‘stripedy’ and is already a little bigger than Whinnie’s.

So, yeah, knitting is finally coming together for me. And through nothing more than perserverance (which is sometimes called stubborness).

There’s certainly a parenting strategy there for me. If I keep going through the motions, maybe someday it will ‘click.’