I spent lots of time yesterday knitting….seriously, my fingers are sore. I want to practice and practice so that the motions do become so natural. That way I don’t have to start from scratch next time I pick up the needles.

Of course I’m not working off a pattern yet. I haven’t even attempted to look at one, or see if it is understandable to a newbie like me. I’m just knitting…and purling.

Theo’s ‘square’ is on the needles currently. I keep showing it to him and asking him if it’s big enough and he says, ‘nope.’ He finally told me that he wanted it to be as big as him. Um, I don’t have that much yarn. 🙂

Right now it’s 42 stitches by about 80 rows — too long to be a square, not long enough to be a scarf.

I told Theo I’d just keep going as long as the yarn held out. He was happy with that and happier still when I told him that I could always go and by more.

The stitches aren’t gorgeous yet. But you can definately see improvement from the beginning lines to the last ones placed.

Today, should I wish to brave the elements, I’ll go out to run a few errands and maybe swing by a store to get some more yarn.

Oh, and I found this cool Knit Map. You just put in your zipcode and it will show you the various yarn shops in your area. You can even tell it to look for places with classes or to ignore the big stores. Pretty cool.