Yesterday I had several errands to run…pharmacy and grocery store. But I remembered that there was a store between the two where I could get some craft supplies.

I knew I would look at the yarn section, but I wanted to get some butcher paper for the crafting table and some cloth for embroidery. While I couldn’t find either of those there, I did find loads of beautiful yarn and a wonderful book:


I’m assuming that as a newbie knitter, my greatest chance for success will come from instructions and projects for children. 🙂

Nic’s excited for me to teach him to knit as well, and he already looked through this book last night to see what types of projects he can start on.

I’m starting with a very simple project of making an owl bath puppet. I’m using a skein of yummy mossy green organic cotton yarn for this one. And brand new bamboo knitting needles. (The needles I learned with were metal ones that came with a kit….I wanted to see how different the bamboo would feel.)

The other two skeins I bought were each 100% wool. One is a lovely blue denimy looking yarn; the other is called ‘harvest’ and has a blend of beautiful, rich, dark colors. Chris loves that harvest one, so maybe I’ll use the above book’s instructions for a knit wizard cap, to make him a cap from that yarn.

Oh, and I can really feel the difference between the metal and the bamboo needles.

So, why am I so stubbornly determined to learn to knit? The first answer is because I want to make things with my hands, make things for my children, my dear husband, and my friends. And, within that, I want to be able to pass this needlecraft on to my children.

The second answer is: because of my grandmother. I have wonderful memories of playing on the floor near her as she knitted. The click, click, click sound of her knitting needles was the sound of my childhood safety and serenity. I wish to honor her and the beauty she brought to my life.