Poor Theo started vomiting at dinner time last night. And did so most of the night. He’s such a pathetic sight when he’s like this…just limp and lacking energy. Anyone who knows Theo knows that he is pure energy when well.

Whinnie seems to be over it, though. She ate and drank yesterday without any more vomiting.

Nic spit up this morning, but doesn’t seem sick, so we’ll see how that goes.

So today we stay in what I call ‘low bar mode.’ That means the bar is set very, very low. My goal is to make sure everyone is alive and as well as can be when Chris arrives home from work.

I find this approach to be the most useful on days like these. When you combine lack of good sleep for several nights with the likelihood of being vomited on and cleaning up after it all day…setting the bar low is the most compassionate thing to do.

So we will cuddle together under comfy quilts and watch movies and just not stress about any housework or projects that don’t get done.

And I will knit. Papa Chris’ scarf is coming along well. The yarn colors are gorgeous. I’m doing bands of alternating stockinette and garter stitches so that the colors can really show.

Off to check on the still-sleeping Theo.