Seriously. It might seem odd to specify that when we have an apartment full of vomiting humans.

Papa Chris came home early from work yesterday — and promptly vomited too. Oy.

But we are very, very healthy. We normally go through our days with nothing more than the occasional ache, pain and boo boo.

I am grateful that everyone seems to be sloughing off this bug without intervention. Everyone is now to the point of keeping liquids down…which is such an improvement.

And I’m not sick…which allows me to care for the rest of them.

Yes, I am a tired, tired mama. I desire a long stretch of sleep not interupted by the sounds of sickness. I desire everyone well long enough to wash all the bedsheets and chase away the smell of sickness.

But none of that pops to mind immediately. What does is Health.

We are healthy. We are blessed.

peace and health to you,