Yep, I know that the common phrase is ‘calm after the storm.’ But we did not have a storm around here…rather a tsunami…of vomiting. Yeah, sorry I had to share that image with you, but I guarantee, ’tis more pleasant to hear about than to experience first hand. Seriously.

But by last night, it seemed that everyone was well over it. Even Papa Chris seemed to be getting his energy (and sparkling personality) back.

And we had such a calm, gentle evening. Each of the attachlings morphed in and out of playing alone, with one another, with a parent. There was a sweet flow of activities.

Through most of this, I sat near the roaring fire and knitted. Bliss.

I did stop knitting to help Whinnie get this or that; or to read the book Flat Stanley to Theo (and Whinnie and Nic when they came to perch on the chair with us.)

Earlier in the day I took Nic and Theo for errands and a little cabin fever treatment. One of our destinations was the library. We got our books on hold and checked out some DVDs and I got a few books of knitting ideas and instructions.

Today, who knows? It’s cold outside but Papa Chris will become even more loopy if he doesn’t leave the apartment today. A trip to the craft store is on my agenda. My new addiction requires that I acquire more yarn. 🙂 But it’s for a good reason (as if I need one). I want to make ‘baby legs’ for Whinnie.

Off to the day.