Around here, apparently, there are two most basic elements:

— a well-covered table
— a bin full of recyclables

While at the craft store this weekend, I was able to find some ‘butcher paper’ for the table. It’s actually parcel paper…the stuff you can use to wrap packages in. It is very thick and durable…just what we need.

With the big table now well-covered, the attachlings can be more creative and I can be more calm. Yeah, I know, it’s just a table. Sure, I could relax and tell myself, ‘it’s just a table.’ But, it is a nice table…not expensive…but nice. And there’s nothing wrong with wanting to maintain the items one has in nice shape. Actually, there’s everything good and frugal about it. 🙂

But now, with that table covered, they can be more creative. Whingari can feed her desire to draw ON the table, instead of on the paper before her. And they can all draw things right on the table…or at least not concern themselves with overages and drips.

‘Twas a good move. Ever since the paper was applied Sunday evening, the table has been used nearly nonstop.

Yesterday, as per my desire to encourage ‘coming together time,’ I asked the boys if they’d like to work on valentine’s day cards.

“No, thanks” came the reply, “we’re busy creating.”

And that’s how it was all day. You see the creativity bug had sent them to the basket full of cardboard nearby. Normally these boxes are under the kitchen sink, with other items destined for the recycling bin. But for the last few weeks I’ve been putting the small cardboard boxes in the basket next to the fireplace….as they are very useful in fire-starting.

So all day…all day…Nic and Theo created many, many items using these boxes, construction paper and lots and lots of scotch tape. Sometimes Whingari joined them, sometimes she cuddled with me, sometimes she watched shorts on the computer.

We did have ‘coming together times’ whenever I joined them at their project table, which I did throughout the day. Even just sitting with them, but working on my own projects, seemed to feed their need for me just fine.

What did they create? Nic made some sort of robot with a satellite and solar panels. Theo made several ‘rattles for babies and toddwers that visit papa’s office.’

I told them that if they wished, we’d work on those valentine’s day cards today. So far, I’ve gotten very polite responses of ‘no, thanks, we’re busy.’