In the past few weeks my blogging time has been truncated. Last week I had a sick family, and for the past several weeks there’s been an increase in creativity around here….with the attachlings jumping, quite gleeflly, into their crafting projects; and mama devoted to knitting.

Even though I haven’t been online as much, I have been checking all my favorite blogs on a regular basis. This is made so much easier by using Google Reader. Do you know about Reader? It’s a free service from Google and allows you to be alerted when any blog you ‘follow’ has had an update. It saves me tons of time just looking at my faves only to find no new posts.

I realized this morning that I haven’t mentioned one of my favorite blogs here yet. This realization came to me because of a dream I had last night. In this dream I was setting up this awesome ‘writing workshop’ table in my home. When I awakened, I realized that the dream was inspired by this blog: The Write Start.


So, if you have time, check out this awesome blog. There are a series of posts explaining the various elements from that photo. There are ideas galore and many things I’d like to incorporate once we get the family into a bigger domicle.

And it might just give you awesome dreams. πŸ™‚


PS – finished Papa Chris’ scarf last night! Woo hoo! And he wore it to work today. (I’ll post pix after we get a new camera….) Off to start on those ‘baby legs’ for Whingari.