Four weeks ago I had my last cup of coffee. Nope, it wasn’t a new year’s resolution type thing…just a decision.

I’ve always been really sensitive to caffeine. Too many cups of coffee at 8 am can prevent me from getting to sleep at 11pm. It stinks.

Plus, as a person experiencing migraines since the age of 16, I have a love-hate relationship with caffeine…it can both cause and alleviate migraines.

Now my day starts with deciding whether I want to make some hot tea or just have some water. This morning I had some water, a clementine and a piece of toast from homemade bread. Later I had a bit of juice. 

But the point is….I feel great! I wake up awake and ready to take on my day. Before I would crawl, rather sluggishly, out of bed and be somewhat grumpy until the coffee kicked in. And when I go to bed at night, I am sleepy, have no trouble getting to sleep, and sleep well (as well as I can with a 2 year old and several snorers in the place…)

And then there’s knitting. Nutty as it sounds, knitting has led me to a level of contentment that has been elusive for me. I think it’s because knitting feeds my need to create, but in functional ways. I am making things to be used, not just to look good (not that there’s anything wrong with that…darn Calvin Work Ethic!!)

Mostly I think that knitting gives both my brain and my spirit something to focus on. Yes, I am quite busy with the day-to-day activities of homecare and homeschooling. But busy-ness doesn’t always equate with engaged work. Knitting is engaging, physically and mentally, and yet it doesn’t take my awareness or attention away from the children. I can knit and be with them.

So I feel better for having eliminated coffee from my system…and for finally learning (though far from mastering) the age-old fiber art of knitting.

No wonder I’m feeling a good deal of contentment with my life lately. I’m achieving my own personal goals, feeling good physically, and hunkering down away from the cold with my beautiful family.

Spring will be here soon…and then we will be off in multiple directions. Life will become busy and physical once again. But for these last few weeks of winter, I’ll be happy to keep everyone gathered near….and knit.