It was nice to hear from several of  you that you are happy to read about whatever I decide to write.

I love to write. It is just part of who I am to wish to express myself via the written word.

Over the last several days I’ve read that this attachlings blog is ‘restful’ and ‘gentle.’ My goodness, I cannot tell you how much this thrills me.

I do not blog to vent, rant or complain. I blog to celebrate this life (and beautiful family) that has been given to me. I blog to celebrate life itself.

So, what shall I celebrate today?

How about our day yesterday AND the beginning of February.

First: February. In Indiana February is the month that Chris becomes very, very grey. By the time February comes around, Papa Chris has already endured a few months of too-cold-to-visit-the-trees-enough weather. And it’s not done yet.
But here in Maryland, with the milder winter and the already-singing spring birds…me thinks that Spring is not far away. So, Welcome February! We are happy to see you.

Next: Yesterday. We were up and out early yesterday, despite it being 23 degrees out. We had an appointment in Frederick to see a house…and to see a woman about a house.

We got there just a wee bit early (as is our norm) to find that the driveway (indeed the entire area) was covered with a thick layer of ice on top of snow. Nic was THRILLED. They actually had snow there.

They had snow because Frederick is both north of where we are living, and a higher elevation. In fact the house we went to see is up a mountain.

Anyway, after a few minutes of driving around and seeing the beautiful views (up a mountain, remember) we returned to the house, found the woman we were seeking, and saw that her husband was already working to clear a path to the house. And they were so, very, nice.

We drove around some more, so as to not add pressure or stress to the whole snow-shoveling labor, and saw more beautiful views.

The house is within easy walking distance of Gambrill State Park in Frederick. Apparently the Park IS the whole top of this particular mountain. There’s a scenic overlook just down the street that gives stunning views of all of Frederick, in the valley below. (Found this online…that’s the view I’m describing)

The house itself (which we did get in to see…right after Nic slipped on the snow and had to be carried to the door by the snow-shovelling husband, who was laughing the whole time….I like him) is exactly what I like: nice, well-featured, but absolutely humble. I like a house with beautiful hardwood floors and just the right kind of living space….but which doesn’t scream ‘look at me.’

The land is nice. About 2 acres of yard and brush for attachlings to explore. Plus inside there’s a great daylight basement playroom and a storage/laundry room that’s huge — and I already have designs on for my sewing and knitting stash storage. 😉

Once we left the house, we had a quick lunch and then drove back. On the way home we stopped at the library and picked up new books and DVDs and watched how much Whinnie really loves to take on new things.

The evening was pretty calm. The attachlings seemed to have had their need for physical play and mental stimulation well-met.

So, is this the home for us? Not sure. I think it might be, but I need to ‘sit with’ the whole thing for a while and wait. There’s no need to rush and every reason to give it time.

I pray. I pray that I make the ‘right’ decision. Maybe even more importantly, I pray that I make a decision for the right reasons. I pray that I not be distraced by baubles, but that I stay focused on what our family really needs. I try to focus on what life I want for all of us. I focus on a need to be able to be in nature without a long drive. I focus on a need for authenticity, in our interactions, in our foods, in our activities…for our lives.

Will this house facilitate these priorities? I think so. But I must wait, pray and listen. The answers will come to me through focus and stillness.