Over the weekend Papa Chris did some of the driving when we were out and around. Normally I drive. This is not because Chris is a bad driver…but rather because I am a bad passenger. I am nervous about how Chris drives, which makes me tense…even if manage to bite back comments, I feel them. So it’s just better for all involve if I drive and Chris navigate. He’s great with maps…I’m not. 🙂

But, I digress. Why did Chris drive? So that I could knit…bless his heart. 🙂

Yesterday I finished knitting the first leg warmer for Whinnie. I stitched it up into a tube and tried it on her. The length is perfect and the overall size is good, except that I need to tighten up the top a bit. No problem. I’ll just take out the quick seam I made and adjust a bit.

After I finished the first leg, I wrote out the basics of the stitches I used. This, then, became my pattern for the second. My assumption is, if I start by making and reading my own patterns, it will take some of the apprehension away from reading ‘real’ patterns.

I’m almost halfway done knitting the second leg. I suspect I’ll finish it today or tomorrow, depending on how much knitting time the attachlings allow. Then what?

I’ve found so many awesome patterns on Ravelry and on various blogs. But I must stay within my abilities and experience. Speaking of skills, I found a book at the library that has already become my knitting ‘best friend’knitting
It is exactly what I needed. A book that doesn’t assume that I know anything about knitting. Because I know very little. 😉

I already learned a detail that has made my progress so much faster…how to tell whether to knit a knit or purl row when you are alternating them. Previously I could tell from my most previous row. My knit rows were always tight and purl rows too loose. But as I’ve practiced, I’ve gotten them much more uniform. But in the process, lost my visual cue as to which row I just knitted. Of course, now that I know to look at what side I’m seeing…I don’t make mistakes about that anymore.

So next, when the baby legs are done, I may just attempt to tackle the fingerless gloves pattern with that dreamy blue denim wool. I have a good book to help me interpret the verbiage and help me learn as I go.