I am a home keeper. I like that term way better than housewife. But what I’m referring to with this blog title is not the process of keeping a home…not the process by which I care for my home and its inhabitants.

Nope. This time I’m talking about the actual creation of home. I’m talking about the process that Chris and I are working on of getting the attachlings and ourselves into a real home, soon.

The apartment we live in is clean (um, at least sometimes) and appropriate and safe and warm (unless the temp outside dips below freezing) and I am grateful for all of that. But it is a temporary holding-place, not a home.

Yesterday we met with our new realtor to look through the house in Frederick that we looked at last weekend. This gave us a chance to see it again and see if we had overly-romanticized the space in our memory over the week. It was also a chance to have a professional look at the space with us and estimate its fair market value. These things are, of course, always best achieved in absence of the house’s current owners. This allows for much more candid conversations and more nit-picky inspections.

And since there was not a deep coating of ice over everything, the boys were able to explore the property and see if it met their wild-monkey-child needs.

We came away with the impression that it was indeed just as good a home for our family as we thought. And we came away with a plan to make an offer on the house. EEK! & Yahoo!!

This is a huge step for us. It says that we are ready to commit to being in Maryland for all of the future that is foreseeable.

If the owners accept our offer of price and timeframe for closing, we would be able to get the attachlings into their own home in about 3 months. Spring!! I want to be in our new home to enjoy spring.

As always, I’ll keep my loyal readers updated. 🙂
If you have a moment to send up prayers and/or good wishes, I’d appreciate them. I am anticipatory, but I am calm. Because I remember my constant mantra: god will provide.