So, yesterday we all went on a homeschooling field trip to the Baltimore Aquarium. Twas a good day and and a chance for us to be with Papa Chris…always a good thing. šŸ™‚

The aquarium itself is very nice. It’s intriguing the way they designed it so that there’s mostly one-way traffic through the various exhibits. I’m sure this helps with crowd flow.

The part that kept pulling our attention the most was a very large, shallow pool in which sharks, rays and at least one very large sea turtle swam. As we went up onto the various levels of the aquarium, via escalators or moving sidewalks, we could look down and get yet another vantage point on the ray pool at the bottom.

We were fortunate to get to the Rain Forest exhibit just in time to watch (and help) the keepers feed various aquatic animals. Nic helped throw ripe fruit in for some of the fish and reptiles. We all got to watch as another keeper threw krill into the tanks for the carnivorous types. It was stinky, but cool to watch.

The beginning of the trip was more stressful because we were surrounded by several different school field trips. (I always try to avoid huge busloads of people wherever I go…)

But after a quick meet up with our homeschool umbrella group coordinators, we were off to explore the dolphin area and then the Australia exhibit. Thankfully, by this time the school groups were leaving and the aquarium was much more quiet and sane.

So was it ‘bally-hoo-worthy?’ That’s a hard call. It was a good trip and I am very glad we participated. However, I was expecting something far grander. The ticket prices, when not part of a group, are very high, in my humble opinion.

If you are visiting Baltimore and looking for a really good, child-friendly way to spend your day (and your dollars), the aquarium wouldn’t be a waste. But, I’d still say head on over to the Science Center instead.