Yesterday the high here got to 73 degrees! How’s that for fantastic in the middle of February.

By mid-morning it was nice and sunny. So I decided to take the attachlings for a walk to a little neighborhood park nearby. It’s the only park that we can walk to, but it is appropriate to our needs.

I put Whinnie on my back in the Kozy (ah, kozy…what a wonderful, wonderful baby AND toddler carrier! ) and we were off.

The attachlings attacked the playground, which was mostly empty, of course. But after about 15 minutes they were ‘over it’ and we moved over to the area next to the playground. This space is used for a baseball diamond and soccer camps. The area had obviously been recently very, very wet. But the part in the sun had dried…and it had dried completely flat.

Nic and Theo got there first, with Whinnie and I coming up behind. Without my saying a word…or them consulting with one another…all three of them found sticks and started drawing in the nearly dry dirt. They drew pictures, they drew letters which became words, they created games.

I think they all did this for about 30 minutes before Whinnie wanted to move on to the stone sculptures that are there for children to climb.

Theo befriended 19 month-old twins who thought he was the funniest thing ever (which he may well be…he’s one funny guy.)

It was wonderful.

When I noticed that Whinnie and Theo were starting to fatigue, I loaded Whin back into the Kozy and we walked back to the apartment.

As I made our lunch the attachlings colored and played and hung out together.

It was a calm day. We had the windows open all afternoon and it was bliss.

Today? Not as warm and sunny, but still spring-like.

off to enjoy the day, and the attachlings…