Doesn’t that title conjure images for you?

I read that elsewhere and it just resonated within me. I believe (though can’t be specific) that it references something from Sandra Dodd.

That title sums up what has been going on within me for months now. The only thing I would change is: Creating a nest in which children flourish. For I believe that if children are flourishing, they are learning as an automatic outgrowth of who they are.

We do not need to drill information into children. They learn because they are born to learn. They learn because they are born both curious and with a drive to become competent and independent.

In a few short months we hope to be moving into a house with a view of the mountains in northern Maryland. And while looking at the details about numbers of bedrooms, bathrooms, family rooms, etc. is important, so is this sense that this is a place where ‘children can flourish.’

That is my goal and my quest.


PS – finished the knitted ‘everyday bag’ for myself out of the blue denim colored wool. Started a small version of it for Miss Whingari out of the leftover green organic cotton. πŸ™‚