All three of those things bring me great joy these days. Well, of course my family brings me great joy as well…but this is about items other than their four beautiful selves. 🙂

Yesterday it was warm enough to take the attachlings to a playground. They needed jackets and hands got quite cold…but like any healthy child, they played anyway.

After that we went to the library. While there I got a couple of knitting books, as well as Buddha Mom. I’ve blogged about that one before, but it was back last summer.


Buddha Mom was a ‘gift’ to me back when we first made the move from Indiana. I was struggling during those days to make sense of it all. I went from being convinced that we were led to make this big move…to being just not sure whether we made a huge mistake.

Buddha Mom, like Tolle’s A New Earth, came to me at a moment in time when I really needed wisdom that could lead to personal insight.

I also picked up two knitting books.


I finished the purse I made myself with the blue denim wool. It’s just big enough to carry a card wallet, keys, cell phone and a few other essentials. I can pop it down in my knitting bag or just take it by itself. I am really loving it. I made it with a 5 x 5 basketweave pattern and then made a strap about 45 inches long and attached it. I also made a button and button loop out of the same yarn.

After I had finished it, I liked it so much I decided to make a small version of it for Whinnie. It only took a few hours to knit one for her out of some leftover green cotton yarn. Once I ran out of that, I made a little strap out of the leftover blue wool. The smile on her face when I gave it to her was worth any effort. She filled it with ‘friends’ and other toys quickly and danced around the room with it for the rest of the evening.

All of that has made me hungry. I am hungry for the ability to look at a pattern and make something from it. I want to learn to interpret those intimidating pages. Hence, I sought books at the library that would help me to understand the abbreviations and techniques I will need.

All this brings me around to the homeschooling-relevant observation that: learning happens all the time, if only the learner is allowed to follow self-defined passions.